10. The Shading Coefficient, or the percentage of solar heat gain that is transmitted to the interior of your home, is 5 to 8 times worse with window tint or window film versus Solar Screens.

9. The overall cost of window tint or window film is 30% – 50% more than Solar Screens to install.

8. The metal in window film is a natural conductor of heat and although infrared and visible light are addressed, conductive heat can negate the reflective qualities of window tint or window film and actually cause more heat to enter the living space.

7. With the new lines of clear window films, there is a high probability of future window cleaning causing permanent scratches on the tint or film, or dissolve the adhesion because the cleaner can’t detect its’ presence!

6. Need care when cleaning to never use anything abrasive or you will cause permanent damage to the film or tint.

5. Tint is permanently attached to the window and can never be removed without considerable time and expense.

4. Film can cause thermal shock fracture when installed on insulated glass windows caused by an increase of heat and pressure between the panes of glass. This is why window manufacturers void all warranties!

3. If not installed correctly the customer can see visible lines and bubbles. Even if tint or film is installed correctly – tends to bubble, peel, and crack after a few years of exposure.

2. Installation voids the warranty on the majority of manufacturer’s window warranties.

1. Window tint doesn’t block as much visible light heat as Solar Screens. The sun is still striking the glass causing heat gain in the living space.